Finance And Insure Your Honda

When you purchase a new Honda, you're making an investment that's sure to provide value for years and miles to come. There are many instances that can lead to car repairs or Honda parts replacement when you least expect it. However, the Dave Wright Honda Finance and Insurance options can help you steer clear of costly bills. Whether you want additional coverage for necessary Honda service, windshield protection or coverage for tire and wheel damage, we have what you need. Come to our Honda dealership in Marshalltown, IA, to learn more about the available EG Assurance F&I offerings that can protect your investment.

Vehicle Service Contract (VSC)

With the EG Assurance Vehicle Service Contract, your Honda has additional coverage beyond the factory warranty. This can help protect your wallet if unexpected Honda repairs arise. While the Honda warranty includes powertrain protection, basic protection and some coverage for parts and labor, the VSC provides extra peace of mind. If your Honda Civic or CR-V breaks down from ordinary use, climate condition, road conditions or personal driving habits, a VSC can cover repairs.

Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP)

If you get into an accident or your vehicle is stolen, there's a chance it will be declared a total loss. While your insurance will pay the current market value of the Honda, this might not be enough to match the remaining balance on your lease or loan. GAP insurance covers this "gap" in what is owed vs. the vehicle worth, so you can avoid out-of-pocket expenses.

Tire & Wheel Protection

When you opt for EG Assurance Tire & Wheel Protection for your Honda Odyssey or Accord, you're covered for repair or replacement of wheel and tires if they're damaged by ordinary road hazards. These include potholes, rocks, plastic, glass and other materials you may encounter on Iowa's roads. Covered parts include factory- or dealer-installed wheels/rims and factory-installed tire pressure sensors, wheel studs, lug nuts and more.

More EG Assurance options include:

Deductible Payment Plan
Key & Remote Replacement
Windshield Protection
Dent & Ding Protection
Lease Excess Wear & Tear
Battery & Alignment+
Door Edge Guard
Window Film
Appearance Care Protection

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